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Projects Under Incubation

Alfaleus Technology Private Limited

This venture is developing innovative products in the medical devices domain

Mr.Sandal Kotawala

Ashva Wearable Technologies Private Limited

Builds intelligent wearable devices to overcome and augment natural human body capabilities

Ms.Anmol Ajay Saxena

Baked Goods from BSG

Making healthy and nutritious edible products from Beer spent grain


Bariflo Labs Private Limited

Maneuvering aeration system for enhancing water quality of waterbodies

Mr.Mrutyunjaya Sahu

Camcann Smart Systems Technology Private Limited

Builds smart edge computing devices to solve the current problems in security


Cleveron Techworks Private Limited

Development of Cognitive technology to facilitate effective clinical decision-making and service delivery

Mr.Venkata Krishnan

Fat Cat Robotics Private Limited

Solar panel cleaning robot

Mr.Ameya kank

Findmind Analytics Private Limited

This venture develops analytics based products in the Fintech domain

Mr.Anubhav Mishra

Fly ash to Chip Ceramic

Creating IC packaging ceramic material from coal fly-ash

Mr.Senthil Rajendran

Illuminify Technologies Private Limited

Builds Text-to-Braille voice devices

Mr.Srinivasan Pranav Kumar

Lamark Biotech Private Limited

Development & Production of cold-chain Independent Proteins

Dr. Vaibhav Bhatia

HB Smart Apparel

Developing wearable smart apparel with water & stain repellent, antimicrobial, UV resistant, breathable and wrinkle-free properties

Mr.Shivang Singh Slathia

Okulo Aerospace Private Limited

Portable Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Charge Controller

Dr.Parithi Govindaraju

Pekhansa Private Limited

Develops Food Processing Equipments

Mr.Saurav Jyoti Sarma / Mr.Abhijit Nath


Construction of paver blocks and other structural materials using waste plastic

Mr.Saurabh Agarwal

Punar Rehab Solutions Private Limited

Building “Portable hand muscle training module" a rehab tool which combines robotics, IoT and data science to give a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation

Ms.Charmi Vinodbhai Pabari

Symbionic Tech Private Limited

Builds customizable, intuitive and affordable electro mechanical arm for trans-humeral amputees

Mr.Hariharan / Mr.Rishi Krishna Iyer Suresh

Teralumen Solutions Private Limited

Development of a compact, continuous Wave Terahertz Spectrometer for Monitoring Skin Hydration

Dr. Jyotirmayee Dash

Thoughtbit Technologies Private Limited

Comprehensive Compliance Platform for Small and Medium Enterprises to automate Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance

Mr.Sidharth Selvam

Tishya’s Medical Device
Development Solutions Private Limited

Develops In vivo and Invitro fast Tissue Scanner (TissueXaner)

Dr.Ravikiran Manapuram / Ms.Sweta Patnaik

Ubifly Technologies Private Limited

Develops Autonomous Aerial Hybrid vehicles

Mr.Pranjal Mehta

Uyiriyal Biotech Private Limited

Developing probiotic enriched millet based ready-to-eat fermented products

Dr. T. Geetha

Wattz Automotive Private Limited

Builds electric vehicle with on board power generation

Mr.Goutham Reddy

Xome Life Sciences Private Limited

Developing food intolerance test kits

Mr.Piyush Bhanu

Graduated Startup

Anchor Companies

Metayage IP Strategy Consulting LLP

Strategic solutions for Intellectual Property.