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The TIDE 2.0 centre at VITTBI will deliver the below- mentioned programs for innovators. The centre will provide holistic incubation support to ICT ventures using emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, Block-chain, Robotics etc.

The few salient features of the TIDE 2.0 scheme:

  • Provide financial support to start-ups and incubates
  • Provide holistic incubation support including co-working space, mentoring, and networking to facilitate start-ups with a more comprehensive support thereby addressing the issue of accessibility
  • Creating entrepreneurship models of both financial as well and social value
  • Fostering and evangelizing a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem that inspires budding entrepreneurs as well as support existing ones
  • Managing a network of incubation centres, collaborating platform and handling of ecosystem through a MeitY Startup Hub (MSH) especially constituted for this purpose.
  • The scheme will also aim to facilitate increased IPR filings and adherence to relevant technology standards
The TIDE 2.0 centre at VITTBI will deliver the below- mentioned programs for innovators. The centre will provide holistic incubation support to ICT ventures using emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, Block-chain, Robotics etc.

Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EiR) Program

  • An Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiR) is an individual(s)/ student(s)/ start-up who need to develop and validate their idea to have a Proof-of-Concept (POC) in place.
  • VITTBI will support in the idea development, validation and subsequent development of POC.
  • A maximum up to Rs. 4 Lakhs will be provided to each EiR as Grant.

Grants Program

  • A start-up with ready Proof-of-Concept can be considered eligible for the grant. The grant is provided to create a Minimum Viable Product and to advance the start-up till Go-to-market stage.
  • A maximum of up to Rs. 7 Lakhs will be provided to each start-up as Grant.
  • VITTBI will provide mentorship and guidance throughout the program.

To register for the Grant Program:

Send the filled in application to vittbi.grants@vit.ac.in

Projects under MeitY EiR

MeitYees EiR Year 2021-22

Manasseh John Wesley
River Bend Data Solutions Private Limited - A fully automated AI Diagnose Tool
Nagoor Kani
AI based robo- assisted rooftop garden
Shivanshu Mahim
Developing Electric kick scooters spread across a wide campus/institute to make the commute easy within the campus.
Shreyash Sharma
IoT based PV Energy Management System

MeitYees EiR Year 2022-23

DharaVenkata Sai
Building an app that detects the sensors and modules in discarded smart phones and use it for various other functionalities
Sharmila Banu
Developing a threat-alert Wearable for the Elderly living alone
Austin Johnson
Le’Foode - Metasearch engine for food delivery that can compare prices and provide the customers with the best deal.
KoushikUrs K
Building a website and mobile based marketplace aggregator for the fashion rental industry
Building a website-based Digital Systematic Savings platform.
Hariom Shandilya
Location tracking technology to rent cycles /electric cycles
Device for analyzing physical and chemical properties of cervical mucus for reproductive health

MeitYees EiR Year 2023-24

(www.unicult.club): Platform to help educational content creators make actionable courses to their audiences with ZERO effort using Gen-AI.
Digital marketplace for cattle and livestock
Algabay AI private Limited
Fusing AI and emotional sentiment analysis with traditional stock market data to empower investors with comprehensive insights for intelligent decision-making.
Volatile Organic Compound based gas sensor for early detection of respiratory diseases
A Plant Database for Academic Institutions is a comprehensive system that combines current technology to improve botanical research, teaching, and conservation activities. It is combined with IoT, software, and apps.
Insure tech and Health tech player

Projects under MeitY PoC

MeitYees POC Year 2021-22

Mr.Ameya kank
Dr. Jyotirmayee Dash
TeraLumen Solutions Private Limited - Development of a compact, continuous Wave Terahertz Spectrometer for Monitoring Skin Hydration
Dr. Parithi Govindaraju
Okulo Aerospace Private Limited - Portable Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Charge Controller
Sandal Kotawala
Alfaleus Technologies Private Limited - Developing innovative diagnostic devices
Siddharthan Pannerselvam
Thoughtbit Technologies Private Limited - Comprehensive Compliance Platform for Small and Medium Enterprises to automate Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance

MeitYees POC Year 2022-23

Dinesh Babu
Design & Development of Modular Vertical Take-off/Short Take-off and landing drone for multipurpose application
Hiair- Human Integrated, autonomous& intelligent recruiter
Oval is a secure, interactive self-breast examination tool which allows users to maintain their breast health helping in early detection of breast cancer
Shoba Rekh
Cobot is designed with sensor interfaces which are IoT enabled to assist autism and Parkinson’s patients
Intelligent automated parking using AI &IoT on CCTV feed to unify vehicles and parking spaces

MeitYees POC Year 2023-24

Nereus Technology Pvt Ltd
Wearable performance and health monitoring kit for athletes
Pulsetronics Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (2022)
To develop a remote controller without the help of the internet for accessing the switches which will be helpful to elderly people, and also people with disability
All in one pocket friendly diagnostic device capable of measuring NEWS2 physiological parameters like Spo2, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Body Temperature and ECG also in addition to integration of our UHI supported app for IOT based connectivity.
Avinya NeuroTech Pvt Ltd.
Medical Grade wearable for Evidence-based diagnostics of Non-convulsive seizures in critically-ill patients
Greenverz Solutions Private Limited
Development of an IT platform for digitization and calculation of carbon sequestration through trees.
Onsite Delamination Machine for Solar panels

For details, please write to

The Sr.General Manager,
VIT Technology Business Incubator,
Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore 632014
Email: vittbi.grants@vit.ac.in
Phone: 0416 2202301 / 2303
Mob: +91 9566656777 / +91 9443311367