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Projects Under Incubation


Technology led platform business connecting vetted, trusted vendors and consumers/patients

Dr. Vamsee Kiran Dondapati

Aasya Health care Private Limited

BackNo Gel- Novel silk-based hydrogel system for drug delivery tailored for antimicrobials and regenerative potential

Dr. Kranti Kiran Reddy Ealla

Ambher Technologies Private Limited

Building connect between the fashion rental vendors and the customers acting as marketplace aggregators

Mr. Koushik Urs K

BioDimension Technology Private Limited

Developing 3D bioprinting techniques to bring time and cost-efficient solutions for the cosmetic/pharma industrial R&D

Mr.Manoj Kumar

Blukhet Private Limited

Farm Automation and automatic nutrient dosing system for hydroponic farming.

Mr.Tanmay M Prasad

BOT2DO Technologies Pvt Ltd

Supply chain tech solutions to Predict, Monitor and Manage disruptions to purchase orders, suppliers and supply chains

Sridharan Murugadoss


Developing portable units for dentists to help set up dental clinics with necessary instruments.

Surya M Rajendran

Ensect Farm private limited

Efficient mass degradation of segregated organic Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) and bioremediation of MSW leachate eluted from conventional bin composting, using Hermetia illucens


Finova Quadcopter Pvt Ltd.,

Design & Development of ModularVertical Take-off/Short Take-off and landing drone for multipurpose application

Dinesh Babu

Foto Chem Tech Private Limited

BIOFUELS –alternate energy source for petrol

Dr.Pundalik Rambhau Bhagat


Human Integrated, autonomous& intelligent recruiter



Developing wearable smart apparel with water & stain repellent, antimicrobial, UV resistant, breathable and wrinkle-free properties

Mr.Shivang Singh Slathia

INSIDEFPV Ventures Private Limited

Building custom Ready- to- Fly FPV Drones

Arth Chowdhary

Intelligent chargers for EV

Developing commercially viable product for E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure to develop intelligent chargers

Rajesh Sura

Lamark Biotech Private Limited

Development & Production of cold-chain Independent Proteins

Dr. Vaibhav Bhatia

Microbear Applied Sciences Private Limited

Creating IC packaging ceramic material from coal fly-ash

Mr.Senthil Rajendran

Okulo Aerospace Private Limited

Portable Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Charge Controller

Dr.Parithi Govindaraju

Rekindle Automations Private Limited

Smart Intravenous Dripper to increase safety of the patients

Radhakrishnan Jothiram

Smart IoT based Algal/bacterial culture flasks

Developing IoT based shake flasks for bio-pharmaceutical industries, educational institutes and research laboratories.

S. Gomathi Nayagam

Teralumen Solutions Private Limited

Development of a compact, continuous Wave Terahertz Spectrometer for Monitoring Skin Hydration

Dr. Jyotirmayee Dash

Thoughtbit Technologies Private Limited

Comprehensive Compliance Platform for Small and Medium Enterprises to automate Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance

Mr.Sidharth Selvam

Tishya’s Medical Device
Development Solutions Private Limited

Develops In vivo and Invitro fast Tissue Scanner (TissueXaner)

Dr.Ravikiran Manapuram / Ms.Sweta Patnaik

Unlearners Tech Private Limited

A hand-held device that connects to smartphone enabling more reliable and efficient tele-consultations by streaming realtime prognostic data

Azam Ali

Uyiriyal Biotech Private Limited

Developing probiotic enriched millet based ready-to-eat fermented products

Dr. T. Geetha


Developing a technology that uses a liquid desiccant air conditioning system for seed storage.


VIFR Technologies Private limited

Virtual reality device that will aid in the treatment, training and special education of children with autism


Warar Energy

Three-wheeled EV for last mile hyper local delivery service


Graduated Startup

Anchor Companies